The “Satanic Panic” court case: What in the New World Order does a virus have to do with a pre-school child abuse witch hunt? Has this little proton gone mad? Look, this is not satire like my usual posts, this is real baby cakes: McMartin Preschool Witch Hunt
Forces mobilized to confront Mama Godzilla in downtown Tokyo
Researchers at the beach sun tanning & drinking Piña Coladas
Being elected Chair of the Committee I have been privy to this important info to share with you. I Substituted “pandemic” for “war” in the paragraph…
I know you come here to hear about the next virus nutcake but let me take a break from nagging about these little critters and use this post to give the…
I wrote the Canadian Blood Services asking them if I could designate that my blood donation only be used for a Covid-19 unvaccinated recipients? They…
Virus caught in time-travel dating fraud
This is not a standard Proton Magic topic, nor does this little proton really have interest in journalism. The issue is how these pundits are twisting…
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