I don’t know much about guns -but that ‘weapon’ ( surprisingly intact after two blasts) looks to be made for buckshot..(?)

which would conceivably blow a hole in Abe, as well as potentially pepper those in front/around him...

The collar thing is weird- could it be a squib malfunction..?


‘Two loud booms...accompanied by puffs of smoke’. Pure theatre

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Things that stand out for me about the photos:

> was that the extent of the security? 4 guys? Especially for such an open spot, access from every direction.

>Also, they didn't notice the guy sneaking up behind them? Nobody saw him make his way around from his original position? There is literally nobody behind them and they don't see the one guy who does go behind them?

> who makes a gun that big for an assassination at close range? It looks like a bomb.

> do home made weapons smoke that much? Did this guy want to give away his position away and get caught?

Side notes from the videos :

> you telling me he wouldn't have flinched hearing that first shot? It also took him aaaaages to turn towards the attacker, while everyone else had turned to face him almost immediately.

> flapping collar is definitely wierd, nobody else's clothing near him was seen to flap like that.

Love these photos games PM! Nice change of pace and fun.

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Wow! What leaps out with the Corbett snippet is that "CO" feeling and similarly leaping from the Wikipedia entry on Yagamami that drivelly fake attacker bio feeling - although I cannot help being slightly amused by it - I know I shouldn't but just can't help it. I saw a video exposing the fakery soon after the alleged attack but no clue where it is now.

I shall await all to be explained.

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I bet they regret not blowing Admiral Perry and his Masonic buddies out of Edo harbor.

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The fact that he could stroll in there with that monstrosity and accurately fire and hit only Abe is pretty absurd. Seems like a psyop and exit plan combo.

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I'd say you knocked this one out of the park but they made it so easy for you! "Ashley Babbit" was also wearing an identical contraption on Jan 6th. You could see it plain as day when she was being loaded into the ambulance and on to her next job.

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I've also seen this video shortly after the even, and here are my thoughts. Somehow, the event itself is forgotten like Maui.

Apparently, sometimes good servants are allowed to retire and their death is faked. Although I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who uses the word "draconian," Corbett is right about objecting (or only implying it) that the "departed" has not been made into a public hero. Or has he? :)

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Why was the assassination of Abe faked? What good is he alive ?

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Antartic is a bit busy ,

For some strange reason,

at the moment.

Brilliant deduction.

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Question : the still pictures, did you screen shot them or were they taken from newspapers? News casts?

And I can’t make out what the thing on his arm is but the next picture of him laying down , wouldn’t his white shirt be covered in blood .. well because he died from bleeding out? Or maybe blood takes a long time to saturate a white shot? Idk

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