Here’s the follow-up with today’s answer and a practical example:


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I am familiar with Biotin supplement, marketed mainly to women who wish to have nice nails and grow hair. That is the MOA of Natrol in this case their marketing campaign exploits women desires, (and vanity maybe?).

I went to look up the entire ingredients list and if you ask me, for those who know how I look at the world...this value is pure bullshit wichtcraftery masonic value just for start 33,333% .

Curiously enough…. I am really opening up another can of worms here……the word BIOTIN in Gematria has a value of 33 (redux) and has same cyphers of the word “Coronavirus Disease”.

Not to mention the other ingredients added in this particular one…..silicon dioxide (good old E551) being one of them with very dubious. Sometimes I think they push the supplement to make you ingest the inactive ingredients. Well no thanks……I will risk tuna fish with mercury instead, eggs or continuously break my nails.

What is MOA of Biotin in the human body to make your nails and hair grow? I really do not know the details of this except that it is a form of vitamin B and we get it from foods like eggs, fish and organ meat and some vegetables. So in my head translates as I am going to eat it in form of food instead of via supplementation because it is usually the best way to absorb it. Even if the food already has a reduced amount of it.

My biggest pet-peeve about supplementation is the vagueness of the allotted amount per individual and how do we know if an individual is lacking of xyz nutrients in the first place. No specific testing via blood sample or any other tech advancement allows this. Age guidelines stop usually at age 19+……this is not science. It was never science for the consumer but to satisfy the market in legal terms.

Every individual has a different need based on their UNIQUE make up. Older women for example in menopause would have a different need than pre-natal women ….but how did they get those nutritional needs values in the first place?

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Its MOA is to fill the pockets of the owner of the company which is selling stuff which humans should be getting via food.

Big Pharma/Food Industry model = first they make us sick and then they make us addicted to crap that keeps us between slightly sick and very sick.

Natrol is of questionable quality in any case - but what supplement isn't? More expensive stuff with nice packaging just doent have as much soy in it.

Makes one want to cry because incredible human soyence is actually failing humanity!

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MOA = Method of Advertising (aka Deception)

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In the most interesting picture I see a self perpetuating machine with movement in an endless circle, but it's going nowhere. Not input, no outcome. It produces and absorbs all the energy at once. That's not even continuity, without any purpose, I guess.

Your riddles are so puzzeling.

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Mechanism of Action

"Biotin also acts as a coenzyme for multiple carboxylases in humans, and it changes the irreversible carboxylation of acetyl-CoA to malonyl-CoA.[2] These enzymes are vital in numerous metabolic processes. Recently, the new roles of biotin have been acknowledged, in particular, the roles in cell signaling and epigenetic regulation.[8] Biotin's mechanism of action occurs by attaching to specific lysine residues.[9] The side effects of ingesting too much biotin could include an upset stomach, although it remains a vitamin with very low side effects. Biotin uptake by human colonic epithelial is a carrier-mediated process.[10] Vitamin B7 is a cofactor for three significant carboxylation reactions, which include the conversion of pyruvate to oxalacetate, acetyl-CoA to malonyl-CoA, and propionyl-CoA to methylmalonyl-CoA. A carboxylase reaction includes the transfer of carbon with the assistance of biotin. Essentially these conversions assisted by biotin break down food into glucose, the primary carbohydrate source for the brain and body.

With the epidemic of type 2 diabetes in the United States, further exploration regarding biotin's role in glucose control requires investigation since studies have concluded it may be beneficial for obese patients and those with type 2 diabetes.[13]


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MOA refers to the chemical reaction that causes the desired effect of the drug.

I would assume thenBiotin - synthetic vitamin B7 which is made from mainly crude oil- is the MOA in this product. All the other chemicals would be there to keep it in pill form and stop it disintegrating. So final answer - CRUDE OIL is the MOA.

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Isn’t most biotin made from crude oil, or maybe all of it is I kept thinking of Moon of Alabama and crude oil,

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Mechanism of action = swallowing the pill without reading the ingredients label?? We dont know what's inside of it.

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I just did a bit of reading and apparently it is used in the body to create glucose from non carbonhydrate sources. I guess that means body-fat.

The science regarding this uses a lot of 'hedging their bets' words in their descriptions and those descriptions seem to be very complex, wordy and quite likely indicate guesses.

It has been my experience that level of inability to explain a concept clearly is directly related the level of comprehension of the concept.

I eagerly await clarification from the Magic of Protons.

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The method of action is just the continuance of the con that these products have any resemblance to or association with the real nutrients in food. They are getting the Goyim to pay to poison themselves with these products and have been doing so for a century.

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Many people seem to be low on energy, and this product claims to help convert food into energy?

Biotin sounds like Bitcoin?

Natrol sounds like natural?

Biotin sounds like biological feels like natural?

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Metabolised on Arrival?

I love your scepticism (and in the words of the Beatles - but best coming from Bryan Ferry - Please Don't Ever Change) but I don't have either Wakefield or Mike Yeadon as controlled opposition. Even having been deep in the enemy camp at Pfizer, Yeadon is an innocent. I followed him on Twitter at the start and watched as one horrific realisation after another dawned on him and he reluctantly accepted the world was much wronger than he had ever imagined. That's happened to most of us here and it's very easy to track its development across time with him. I doubt he's even now fully awake but being an intelligent man he's grasped what's going on pretty quickly. I still believe in his integrity but of course he has a lot to lose, so he can be threatened very effectively. I don't suppose he's yet realised quite how viscerally cruel and vindictive these people are to their enemies, so he may well have already been threatened and not realised it yet.

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Where exactly was Dr Mike Yeadon incorrect?🤔

He ( and Dr Wolfgang Wodark ) wrote to the EMA, and UK Gov, that the injections contained toxic molecules .

Dr Mike Yeadon is an exceptional toxicologist as well as Ex Pfizer Worldwide Respiratory Scientist.

They stayed that the injections could cause deaths injuries and were potentially particularly problematic to birth rates.

We now have since the roll out…

1. Excess Deaths ( in UK alone, over 100K in 21/22 22/23,) ✅

2. Lower birth rates in all highly vaxed populations ✅

3.Serious injuries and disablement (Edward Dowd , insurance,ONS stats.) tick ✅

And to add …..

4. NONE of the above during the pandemic, before the so called vaccines, Denis Rancourt,Ed Dowd,NormanFenton ( Substack) ✅

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