"I just want an mp3 player, why do most all of them have blue tooth, and some with FM radio, and a voice recorder? 👉Are all these things connecting the nano-guys to the grid. OMG!" So agree with you here.

I have a pixel 6, I finally decided to measure the radiation (a couple weeks ago) with my Cornet RF meter and OUCH it was hitting massive high pulses. I share this with my group of neighbors, everyone was shocked as we metered each of our smart phones, but my Pixel was the highest, next highest was a brand new Iphone. I now make almost all my calls on a hard wired desk phone. My pixel runs Graphene Operating System - opensource de-googled, so I thought I was so good for avoiding the surveillance cops, but that was clearly not helping the ringing in my ears. Others have said to use Nokia 2760 that has removable battery, but it is loaded with spyware, and you must login to give away your ID before first use. Then there's the nasty 2 step text verification we are tied to our smart phone for! it's all a leash tied to the device.....

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Happily without a smartphone!

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All incredibly valid points. I wrap the smart phone in double layers of tin foil for travel. It is not deployed unless absolutely required, which is nigh on never. A dinosaur Samsung flip phone with replaceable battery serves as the useful alter ego. Smartphone always on speaker and away from body. It is treated as a Cold Way spyware snooping device, which of course it is. The abject lack of respect for this technology and the blind unawareness of its undeclared and clearly concealed vile purposes surpasses dumb naïveté.

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Oh, dear, the good old days, when the body was not used to data collection, transfer, and reception for insidious purposes... Well, only because the tech was too slow at the time, but what the heck.

Beware of the tinfoil solution! :)

The last piece of info I've encountered about using tinfoil for shielding claimed you need seven layers; that was about "smart" meters that one cannot even shield legally. "Smart" meters and household "smart" anything, including Wi-Fi, are now used for registering and relaying information to the providers:


Cell phone tech has always used the human body as the extension of the built-in antenna, except the signal strength and the amount of data transmitted has become a secret and out of the owner's control. After cell phones were introduced, brain cancer in children increased sixfold, but that was in the early 1990s. Have you noticed that movies usually show negative forms of behavior and one of those is to hold a cell phone to the ear?

Added a link to this article in the one in your link.

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Thanks Proton, you’re awesome whoever you are 🙂


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I have never used a smart phone and our laptops are hard wired via the landline. Yet the interior of my home buzzes with EMFs. All living things are dying slowly because of this lunacy..... I don't want to worry you but I actually think that 5G is a murder weapon and it doesn't matter if we consciously use it or not.

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Though I am unsure how "protected" I am... I do not have a phone, My PC is a 10+ year old laptop with no camera, I did not take the death jab, no "tests" were done sticking things up My nose, nada.

But I would not be surprised at all if Ones who had/have any of that are going to be more controllable...

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The chipping psyop. The wearables psyop. It all sort of makes sense in their transhumanist hellscape agenda, right?

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(1:00:23 to 1:03:35)

From eyesiswatchin podcast- the rest is worth watching as well, but the time stamped segment is germane to the discussion...

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People are trapped by the convenience of cell phones.

In Africa it has become a status symbol and the unfortunately ignorant Gen Z and Millennials can't see how they are controlled by these devices. They have a tantrum if they cannot use the smart phone.

The apps are tools to get information and data of for advertisers and this data is sold by the Alphabet companies to marketeers.

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I'm a dumb smartphone user and I know I shouldn't be but there it is. A line from the film Desperately Seeking Susan has always stuck with me: Susan (Madonna) is reading the diary of the housewife character (Rosanna Arquette) and says: "This has got to be a cover, nobody's life could be this boring." Sad to say I watched that film at about age 24 and thought, "That'd be my diary" and nothing's changed since. I kind of think if they're wasting resources tracking me good luck finding anything of interest. Of course, that's not the point! I know and you never know when you might not want to be tracked and regardless of how uninteresting my web history is it's not nice to know it's tracked.

I remember my neighbour and friend, Julian Assange's father telling me that Julian was very careful about communicating with him using encryption technology. It seemed over the top to me for just family type communication. Much later I discovered that Chelsea was an infiltrator and Collateral Murder was faked and I thought, oh dear, right under our noses ... and still no one will acknowledge this fact - I mean, isn't it a rather significant one?

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Patent pending! Nice.

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Luckily all we can buy today is a radio with auto-scan.

I really hate these disturbing buzzes eeezees and feezes on this or that frequency while randomly dialing the frequency bands when I just want to listen to the state broadcasting station.

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I literally live with wifi earbuds…I only use one….and yes I KNOW.


Agree with many of the above.

However you can still open a cell phone and replace the battery.

The 5G system is not working well, this is what I hear from people who have 5G phones. I have a 4G and I own my own phone since I have prepaid too….

But ya know …..I have a question….all this surveillance technology does not seem to parallel other things like ….

1. Once you leave the country location of your phone carrier (GSM or DCMA) your phone stops working. Trust me. It literally stops working even if you have an international UNLOCKED, QUAD BAND.

2. Wi fi connections are not automatic but must be all initiated manually at least once, a first time.

3. If a plane crash full of passenger and cell phones, nobody cannot locate shit. Heck they cannot even located the black box (1956 technology).

4. If your phone falls in water all your data is gone.

5. removing geolocation greatly decreases the phone surveillance ability. It also will completely throw off other features that you might or might not find useful.

6. removing the SIM card and turning the phone off will also basically make it useless.

6. phone sensors can be de-activated.

However if I wanted to have it ON mode, their capabilities seem extremely limited. Say example to figure out sleeping pattern. Like said before you would have to hold on to the gadget. That is, if yours is that sophomofisticated ...

Often time I really wonder, REALLY WONDER….. if this technology hype is just a big scam.

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The link to the earbuds doesn’t work for me, could you post differently?

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