This was a nice morning laugh ;)

Btw.Ive heard how Info Wars (A.Jones) has ties to Stratfor Intelligence: "AJ was created at Stratfor Inc. Stratfor is an Israeli/US security/intelligence company based out of Austin just down the street from AJ."

Also, Ive seen A.Jones in pics with trannies!

There is this as well, remember Paul Joseph Watson?


"“In addition, David Duke made a curious admission almost three years to the date in an August 15, 2018 broadcast about Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones’ de facto second-in-command for Infowars. He said that Paul Joseph Watson is a homosexual whose favorite gay bar is in Prague, and he asked to meet Duke there, and when Duke met him Watson was wearing a wig, lipstick, and a pair of pink jeans.”

Who is surprised by this? Im certainly not, it all goes well with everything else that we are uncovering.

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Good call Proton, Keep at em.

thanks and Regards,


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It's interesting that My Protonmail tells Me that Your emails announcing articles always says You are "unverified" and requires Me to click "I understand the risk" to heart and comment on Your work. It doesn't do that with anyOne else I have encountered.

Yeah, anyOne connected to Infowhores is in on the scams. Controlled opposition. Pretending to be honest and for the People, but surely not. Even Truthstream Media.

I'd ask for the ten grand - I surely could use it - but then wonder how I could collect it, with no bank accounts, no credit cards, no "wallets..." Meh, I'll wait until We get free energy tech out in the open and don't need money to live as richly as We choose on OUR planet, where We are multimillionaires but the psychopaths hold Our wealth in "trusts."

Trusts (7 min): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/trusts:0?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

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Yep, you are on target.

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Samuel Eckert of Germany is offering 1.5 MIL Euros -- https://samueleckert.net/isolate-truth-fund/

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Grand Solar Minimum is another psy-op. I’m putting up a post on this later today. The Air Force is hiding the real sunspot numbers.

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Hi Proton,

Do you have a link for #5 “bioweapons are false stories?” I’m curious! Thanks!

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