starts on page 666, really?!

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I'm pasting a combo comment from below so I can pin it here:



Oh my goodness! You have to be kidding me. I thought perhaps there was some occult meaning. Just googled and this is what turned up. CanNOT believe it.


A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group or nation from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or another nation. According to Harris Mylonas and Scott Radnitz, "fifth columns" are "domestic actors who work to undermine the national interest, in cooperation with external rivals of the state."[1] The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, espionage, and/or terrorism executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.



Exactly....but I follow dr. Delgado videos when they came out....

And something was not right .

Example we were never told how they acquired the samples. The name of course was a red flag for me.

Little by little I realized that while they surely were saying the truth, it was one of those truth between two slices of lies.

The list of the controlled opposition actors is long. I fell for many of them....listening to HOURS of video testimonials of experts including some of them we speak abput in this substack.

Some have completely disappeared.

Then I noticed many hidden symbols in the background....or foreground.

The intention was from get go to split us.

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Interesting article quoting (& supporting) Scoglio's paper: "How Fake Graphene Morphed into a COVID Vaccine Mania. The social construction of graphene"

https://waynelusvardi.substack.com/p/how-fake-graphene-morphed-into-a Many other interesting article's on Machiavellian Man's substack.

I've searched for reactions to SS's paper on LQC's website but have found nothing. I think SS needs to debate this openly with someone who knows what he's talking about.

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Do you know the 1998 book "Fashionable Nonsense / Impostures Intellektuelles" by Alan Soak and Jean Bricmont?

They submitted nonsensical papers that were written in a sophisticated sounding style and respected the text form of postmodernist essays and articles. Helen Pluckrose et al also did something of the kind some time ago. Then there is (was) Kary Mullis Nobel laureate inventor of PCR who once insisted with several scientists to receive so to say the "founding research paper" that proved AIDS, and to his astonishment no one could give it to him and no one had felt a lack in their scientific lives for never having seen that founding proof. He also submitted a nonsense paper once and was shocked to see it published. I don't know if I got all aspects right but these things were related in his autobiography which is really worth reading. In any case it seems Mullis was the first (that I know of, and in the mentioned 'group' of 'subversive' academics) to publish a fake paper with the purpose of revealing the quality of peer review and scientific publishing.

While the most recent post of Mihalcea started to interest me due to a new take and topic -to me it seems slightly new/different from her previous postings-, I still think it is very well possible that we are being fed 'preposterous nonsende' with the multiple intents of 1) overloading our critical thinking; 2) feeding us contrasting narratives including fake later to be debunked factoids, so we lose credibility with the peers that we are trying to inform, and generally sowing dissent - because I notice that the different offered narratives are psychologically tailored to please different personality types; 3) murking the waters so that we don't discern the in reality quitesimple means of harming us: plain poisoning with totally old and unspectacular, maybe easy to detect of looked for substances; 4) playing pseudo sophisticated, vain pranks on us because they seem to have a psychological need for their cunning AND supposed humanist erudition to be displayed. Think the brand name Veklury = Valkyrie for the Run death is near substance that poisons selected people's detox organs and sends them to Walhalla, also more in general the malthusian deep Ecology eugenicists arethe typeswho would appreciate Wagner. Think also of the fire in Paradise California that obliterated that community on the exact anniversary of the death of John Milton, Author of paradise lost. I find that so cringy this pseudo erudition. So I think they are pranking, confusing, showing off their belief that they are so smart and we are so gullible unsuspecting and swallow anything hook line and sinker. Therefore your posts have an important grounding function whenever the tendency in me to become gullible, which in part is just an I'll advised and not well placed appreciation for intricate narratives, threatens to take me over. Thanks!

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Interesting. rGO/GO appear to possess quite well described lethal properties. Graphene itself appears to remain a theoretical construct?

"GO and rGO are often defined as bidimensional materials but only pristine graphene (the freely suspended single-atom-thick sheet of hexagonally arranged, sp2-bonded carbon atoms3) can be considered a true 2D material."

Graphene oxide touches blood: in vivo interactions of bio-coronated 2D materials

V. Palmieri et al. The Royal Society of Chemistry 2018; Nanoscale Horiz. (2018)

Now pay particular attention to, "Blood protein interactions with GO and rGO," and the formation of a coagulum of blood proteins in a lethal choking 'biomolecular corona'.

Nothing "good" there.

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For what its worth (I will live and die by them) my sense checks tell me that Scoglio has high credibility. I first came across him in this interview with Torsten Englebrecht which majors on spike protein as a fraudulent concept.


He touches on GO at 26 minutes and expresses skepticism which his recent paper is evidently designed to enlarge on. For me his credibility emerges from laying open the factual evidence that informs his opinions, expressed in a rational and common sense manner. Admittedly I have not read the papers he references (though as a birds-eye perspective is my preference) I recall secondary commentary that provides confirmation rather than contradiction.

Overall I'm increasingly convinced that TPTB are baffling us with bullshit. The explanation that passes Occams Razor (which I do not imbue with total explanatory power) is that they are simply poisoning us whilst weaving an occult web of misdirections which assume a Golem-like life of their own. Bear in mind what occurs to me whilst I write this, that the concept of Golem mocks God (who breathed life into Adam, formed from the dust of the Earth) by attributing to the occult adept, god-like abilities. Their "abilities" in truth amount to psychological effects, but to credulous folk, the bonepointer's curse can be fatal by autosuggestion. Perhaps this is the perennial appeal of the zombie. Its all in the mind (except the poisoning).

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Wasn't that guy Dr Andres Noack who was allegedly killed, an expert in GO? Surely he has some papers published proving its existence? 🤔 I havent investigated this, but can't help but think of that whole drama sequence that unfolded 1-2 years ago.

Perhaps worth diving into his research since he is the self-proclaimed "expert"...... did anyone else reporting on his death bother to confirm that he was, in fact, as highly regarded as he said? 🤔

So many questions. Excellent article. I was also intrigued by Scoglio's statement that graphene does not exist (or hasn't been found).

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Course he got help. Them aren't the words of a non-native English speaker. I wonder who it could be?

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Does it say that the graphene respond to electrical current? Am I reading that right? Or, that electrical current kills the graphene like a virus?

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From a colleague:

"Stefano Scogio Italian interview on the topic of graphene:


Here is my translation of some of the slides and commentary presented by Stefano Scoglio, published on March 18th. The first four minutes are about a personal dispute between Scoglio and a man named Marcianò. Scoglio says graphene does not exist. Marcianò says it does exist because a document (from 2020) of "Pfizer" says so...

..... In the next slide, Scoglio argues that the graphene oxide mentioned in the 2020 Pfizer document comes from the method used to purify the lab spike protein. This graphene here has nothing to do with being a contaminant or an ingredient present in the final product "vaccine mRNA." This mention of graphene oxide is limited only to the purposes of the cited document from Pfizer.

In order to use a microscopy technique (Cryo-EM, electron microscopy) to analyze the structure of the synthetic lab spike (not the natural one!) they used gold "Quantifoil 300" mesh grids, which happen to be lined with graphene oxide (which is merely graphite, but that is from another video.)

Let me repeat: this method of analysis has nothing to do with the Pfizer vaccine.

08:15 in this slide Scoglio explains that the document cannot be used to support the claim that there is graphene in the vaccines.

Then Scoglio explains that this is a fear-based manipulation, by people not in power but by those who want to take power.

Then, sarcastic comments in response to his rival.

In the final slide, Scoglio repeats that graphene is a fraud, a hoax. It's only graphite. And he recommends his article which proves that graphene is a fraud. [THE ITALIAN VERSION OF HIS GRAPHENE PDF]


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"For us does it matter if it is one layer of poison or 5 layers of poison?" -- the authors referred to even "few-layer graphene" (not just "single layer graphene") as hypothetical/a model.

And the issue is not just how many layers there are. "Graphene" is said to be the same thing as graphite except that supposedly when there is only 1 layer of atoms (or "a few" for FLG, or up to 9 layers according to 1 author) it suddenly becomes "graphene" and takes on remarkable new properties.

Since "graphene" and graphite are said to be very different in nature and "graphene" may be unproven, the distinction matters, imho. Not that anyone needs to be injected with either of course. But inaccurate claims can be used as ammo to paint the quackcine-hesitant in a negative light, plus there may be additional fear generated by the properties ascribed to "graphene".

I hope that some people take the time to read and consider Stefano Scoglio's 20 page pdf.

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I became interested in GO because of the "falling down dead" videos from March of 2020. It connected to the claims and research on 5G that was leaked. My theory was that they switched on hidden 5G freqs (in China and north Italy) and had excellent results which they filmed and shared with the world. That stuff did not look staged to me. But I agree that it could well have been.

So what it will be? Or is this an attempt to downplay the connection btween GO and 5G/6G.

Previously Harald Krautz Vella raised ENOUGH alarms about the dangers of Graphene and the Black Goo. He offered evidence how Black Goo is trying to hack our biological reality. Was that ALL a psyop?

Also, to me it seems that LQC managed to warn a LOT of people about the extra danger in accepting the mandated vaccination. Which is good, right?

And by downplaying the existence of GO in vaccines a WHOLE LOT of nefarious possibilities go out the window, not just the connect w 5G and remote medical systems.

So I'm sceptical about this Scog guy on the first impression.

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This definitely raises suspicion, and perhaps like "viruses", what we are calling graphene or GO is some other material or substance entirely (there were wayyy too many 6's in those "discovery" papers to not raise my hackles). Without a more in depth chemical analysis, all I can say confidently about the structures I have found in the vials and blood is that they look like what others' have called GO. (see https://dfreality.substack.com/p/moderna-too-boosters-show-signs-of) Whatever it is, that we continue to find it in our blood, in our drugs, and in these damnable potions is of the utmost importance.

My big concern with Dr. Scoglio's "expose" and his work is that he has also claimed that all the microscopy and activity seen on the slides are entirely CGI fabrications. I am more than willing to provide all my raw data files for analysis, and a video analysis to find CGI and alteration to film are trivially easy to do.

There is something going on within our blood, something that only appeared within the last few years. If anyone disagrees with that, I'd be happy to show them the tech running through their veins too, free of charge.

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in one of the papers (False or Real?) floating on the web -between 2020 and 2022- there was a WHO memo that clearly stated that the vaccines were something else, no quantification whatsoever was given of how many batches 100K were for a certain disease or another. All bioweapons with different targets. Some with graphene, some with something else and everything we were told they had….including water.

I mean if you were to do a large scale military operation wouldn’t you take advantage of such opportunity?? And test bioweapons en mass for the next 100 years using every disease available.

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This is very interesting topic.

Wondered about this.

Have you looked into or ever contacted Joachim Bartoll ?

He has some interesting questioning opinions on plenty of these psy-ops including graphene.

Here is an overview of some articles ...GO is one of them


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