We have been poisoned, murdered, Poisoned and Sterilized! Our food supply is now destined for mass collapse, pollinators are dying ok pretty much chaput, and humanity is 'bout to be toasted crisp. Whosoever is expends mental energy, burns a single k/cal worrying about the oceans sliding around the planet; please just have a seat and watch it all on your 5G phone

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I had to sit down and separate the topics then decide what article belonged to what:

1. How often to poles change in general?

2. How long does it take to change in general?

3. How do they move around even when not changing? Both poles and just some magnetic lines can move but that not exactly the same..

4. What do you need to do to determine the above?

5. Are volcanic and quake activities really increasing?

6. What did Major White really do or not do?

-Since few people have the will to spend a few hours to sift thru this shit, Mr Reese can just bamboozle the public without blinking an eye, and few will read or get my article even if they do read its so he doesn't care very much. That's the same deal with virology, make it multi-layered and time consuming to get, so few will get it except persistent and/or nerdy investigators or readers.

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Man, this is almost as worrying as the supervolcanic devil comet racing towards us.


Is Greg Reese still mobbed up with Alex Jones? I’m just surprised he didn’t try hawking Ivermectin as the cure to this “crisis” too 😂

Great work once again PM!

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Great article!

Seeing you and Greg are becoming friends, ask him when he'll cover what's inside this book: https://www.wheredidthetowersgo.com

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I am going to add my two cents worth to this contentious debate by simply writing about two things I have observed. First, It is a fact that a full-on propaganda assault began back in the early to mid eighties regarding this subject. It rapidly became one of the centerpiece doctrines being pumped out by the New Age movement. By the mid-eighties several versions of allegedly "channeled" earth changes maps began to appear. The people producing them became instant stars of the movement. Google Lori Toye's IAM America Map. Gordon Michael Scallion was another as well as crazy Nancy Leiderman and her ZETAS. The military then began to leak similar looking maps which can be found as well. You know what I believe about the "NEW AGE". It has been scripted by THEM so all of this is beyond suspect.

The other thing is that it appears beyond doubt that the elite have been building bunkers. REALLY BIG ones with our tax money. Why they are doing this can only be guessed at but there is a reason for it. Possibly a near earth object they are concerned about? Who knows........

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Good article, thanks 'lil proton.

A heap of Kauri trees were knocked down into a swamp and preserved there for 100 of thousands of years. Apparently.

Could have been a tidal wave from an asteroid, maybe.

As to geophysical shift from magnetic pole reversal, seems extremely sci-fi, as that would require a massive amount of force to overcome both inertial and gyroscopic resistance.

Ergo I do not believe it.

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That was a lot of fun. In fact, I added this to the list of predictable false-flag operations:


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It is a very good thing there are more and more flat earthers then? Because they certainly do not believe in this pole shift fearmongering-like narrative..;)

Hey, as long as there are nice looking simulations to watch on screen, everything will be going according to plan.... haha, what? Whose plan?

Interestingly, and similar to CONvSars2, this pole shift biz is found only in computer modellings.

Btw, you graduated from "possible physing site" to "possible fake site" according to protonmail notifications that I get when I click on links in the e-mail I get from substack but actually from you.

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Very well written. You had me fooled in the beginning because I thought for a second that you were promoting these snake oil carnies lol. Excellent visuals on the “shell” moving with, but not the oceans and wind currents. That would in fact kill everything on the earth if it did actually happen like they suggest. I will be tuning in to more of your content 🤙🏼.

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Maybe the poles shift, and maybe they don't. If these "elites" are so afraid of the oceans overtaking much of the land, then WHY do they continue to build gargantuan homes on the shores of said oceans? LOL Weather manipulation is happening, in part due to HAARP. They have their DEWs in place, so all these "fires" are NOT due to climate change; i.e. Paradise, CA. I've seen numerous photos of people that live out there and they've been shut down. Explain to me how homes crumble right to the ground, much LIKE the Twin Towers and not any of the trees on their property are fried. Hmmm - definitely NOT a normal fire, wouldn't you agree? I don't believe in flat earth - sorry. Other planets appear to be round, so we're not somehow? I follow a couple of fellas that have been posting on YT (yea, but don't get crazy). One has a 14" telescope and he gets as close to moon shots as he can. Very strange things he captures. It does not appear to be faked. Another fella reviews what the Mars Rover is taking pictures of, and he is now using an AI program to really clarify some of these findings. Some things are very questionable looking. There is no manipulation from either of these guys. Not in my opinion. UFOs? I am not sure. 50/50 on that. Perhaps we've really been on the Moon much longer than they've led us to believe. At the end of the day, I believe Jack Shit in what Government or MSM spews out. This includes those "fighter pilots".

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Sudden Polar- Shifts ,

Harken Shortened Shrifts...


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I honestly didn't understand the conclusion he was drawing in his video. Maybe that was the whole point.

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I got a little turned on by all that fear porn... If I smoked I'd light one up right now.

The Biden administration is working hard on the flipping poles problem by banning gas cooking stoves and pushing electric cars. The idea is that all the additional consumption of electricity and thus production of local electromagnetic fields should hold the earth's field right where it is.

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Nice work PM !

Some are linking this info. with possible flips and poles :-) Who knows, but great pics!


Telescope Array detects second highest-energy cosmic ray ever

Because particles have a charge, their flight path resembles a ball in a pinball machine as they zigzag against electromagnetic fields through the cosmic microwave background. It’s nearly impossible to trace the trajectory of most cosmic rays, which lie on the low- to middle-end of the energy spectrum. Even high-energy cosmic rays are distorted by the microwave background. Particles with Oh-My-God and Amaterasu energy blast through intergalactic space relatively unbent. Only the most powerful of celestial events can produce them.

The new particle is likely a proton.


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Proton Magic, it is nice to see that you are accepting of Greg Reeses content! 2 weeks ago you made a comment about his report of Victoria Nuland plan to blow up a Nuclear reactor in Russia. What changed your mind about that? BTW, I like your angle and approach to see things from more than one angle!

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We live on a flat, immovable plane under the firmament. That's why pilots are trained accordingly. Whatever disasters we are experiencing or will experience are largely man-made and allowed by Divine Providence because we have sought to live without God. Pray the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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