Just another grand deception foisted upon us by these shysters in lab coats.

The so-called studies that “prove” the spike protein causes clotting are even more pathetic than these. Non-purified samples, in silico (aka computer models) galore, and they still don’t know why it does it!

Perhaps it’s the GO hydrogel, a known clotting agent? (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9273113/)

PM once again doing the work 99.9% of these researchers are too intellectually lazy or corrupt to do. Thank you.

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Fuck knows what Pfizer and Moderna think they have put into their hydrogel - it certainly wasn't a naturally occurring substance, that is for sure.

In December of 2020 I waded through all the bumph from Pfizer ahead of UK MHRA giving it approval for emergency use on Brits. I was incensed. I had studied the Chinese papers and the flaws in their method were clear. The worst part was realising that the genetic code they had identified as a 'virus' was entirely computer generated from recombined scraps of RNA found after the usual preparations.

I honestly felt nauseous. So I emailed UK MHRA and was able to get confirmation of my worst fears.


You may have seen my email exchange before, Proton. If not, the above link is the 4th edition which I copied and pasted over to Substack as soon as I opened an account here.

I have been permanently banned from Facebook, Twitter and Discord for sharing this information. My work has been mirrored by Jon Rappoport, David Icke and several alternative media outlets. Christine Massey added it to her long list of FOIA requests seeking proof of the isolation of SARSCov2.

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Oct 9, 2023·edited Oct 14, 2023Liked by Proton Magic

You gently, and with your usual good sense of humor, provide details for the mRNA/spike protein red herring, which I only conjectured in my old article in which I have included a link to yours:


In short, my current description of the process is this:

Hydrogel-coated graphene oxide (GO) is often delivered, mostly in injections of any kind, and the GO self-assembles into a transmitter, a receiver, and a CPU. The resulting nano-computer attaches itself to the body and operates on bioelectricity. After that, it communicates with a central AI that is running a global simulation by receiving, sending, storing, and evaluating live data and sending commands to recipient units (just about anything or anyone among the IoT). Through possibly a protein-based neural interface, it is capable of downloading and uploading information, issue commands to the body to produce or not to produce certain enzymes, hormones, or the kitchen sink, and is able to modify the DNA. The latter is often mistaken for mRNA/spike protein technology, which is redundant under the circumstances, unless it has become controllable since the Soviets invented it in the early 1980s:

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There is simply no need to commit a layered mountain of fraudulent experiments & gamed studies to convince people that something exists when it's existence is self-evident, when it actually does exist.

- If you watch magic shows not because you believe in magic, but because it's fun to try to figure out how they pull off their tricks & fool an audience, you likely enjoy reading Proton Magic's substack.

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Excellent debunking, Proton Man. Out of all the wisdom you shared in this post, these wise words hit me the hardest: "That’s one hell of a mouthful of bullshit. I gotta take a gargle break. Be right back..." 😂

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Hydrogel is one of many generic terms for Vitaliano's clathrin GQD.

The tech is not just GO and 5G, GO cannot enter cells of neurons without clathrin. Clathrin is key for endocytosis; Clathrin delivers the GO into cells.


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You surely did an awesome job of showing the BS They use to try and convince Us We should live in fear! Thanks!

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Excellent work PM.

Glad you directed me over here.

The circus continues.

Although this comment may not directly apply to so called mRNA it may apply across the board to the other "creatures" spike, GO etc....

But even the "so called good guys" have been contaminated by a century of Rockefeller medicine and fake science. Images of the Spike Protein ? Obviously impossible by any form of optical microscopy. And even with the best electron microscopes, an “object” of that size at best would appear as a dot at their highest resolution possible.

Electron microscopes were a direct outcome of the quantum revolution when they discovered that “physical” particles had a wave length. The wavelength of light and of an electron determine the maximum resolution possible. But to reduce the wavelength of an electron they have to juice its kinetic energy which has a tendency to damage the object under study. These objects are often coated with metals which produce other artifacts. Don’t believe anything you hear and little of what you see.

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I've consistently floated the idea that there appear multiple arms of 'pilot studies'. The single generalisable entity and the most powerful one always remains (in my jaundiced view) the psy-op assault, from whence all else comes, most especially, "social licence," and a very large quantity of paralysing malaise that affects wider society to this day.

There appear results from autopsies suggesting a degradation process (attributable to synthetic jab derived spike arising from DNA plasmid contamination) https://arkmedic.substack.com/p/mini-me-update. I have yet to study the articles in detail.

All of this is an unending task and it is apparent that we need to 'live' and 'breathe' despite being at the barricades in a bloody full-on war to which so many seem wantonly oblivious.

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