I’m definitely with you on the no-virus front. As for controlled opposition, my head hurts too, like Dotty above.🤕

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There's a whole *web* of geopolitical disinfo agents - all more or less connected - who have been operating over the past decade.

Amongst them are some of the 'Rock Stars of Alt Media.'

*A character in Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano called them 'spiders'...What is the collective noun for 'spies'?

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Yeah, I gave up on Kirsch when He started deleting comments and banning People who suggested there are no such things as viruses or contagion... That was My clue that He was not open to debate the issue - adamantly so. And anyOne closed to debate I give high probability of having something to hide.

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When nipping about in a jungle it is wise to take pest repellent and an axe.

Maybe some Dr Martin boots and a big sarky grin.

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Dec 15, 2023Liked by Proton Magic

Hey PM did you read MM's recent terrain theory paper? http://mileswmathis.com/terrain.pdf

What a mess, and another red flag.

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A song about the fraud of Virology. Watch THE DISH. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/new-music-video-the-dish

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Great list PM. This really helped clear the fog.

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Your the best Proton, 10 green bottles sitting on the fencel.....lol, keep rockin' the standard model 👻

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I hear a nice long cold shower cures Long Covid. 😛

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Thanks for that. Informative as usual.

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Great Analysis of some of these Influencer's; I question Dr. Paul Alexander as well; how can someone be posting content every hour on the hour unless they never sleep! It seems as though it is AI generated Junk!

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I differentiate captured opposition from controlled opposition.

But I also see the opposition as a core function of a human consciousness set in a mask drawn over conflict. As means to hide, filter, rule out & redefine or mask into terms of support for the currently accepted identity.

The judging of others is always likely to reflect what we hate in our selves and taking identity from hate will always carry its own conflicts to project on anyone that doesn't meet the conditions for worthiness of love - or acknowledgement of being.

So when I notice bias, distortions, evasions or lies, I dissociate from what they are teaching (themselves and others) without feeding it negative energy investment. Else by reaction, I join in hate.

The woke think & thing is a corrupted Christian 'caring'. To see ourself or present ourself good kind or caring - becomes a prison of correctness of virtue credits against guilted fear of exclusion or cancellation. The guilting manipulation thus becomes the corruption of language & thought.

Personally I'm done with feeding 'Them' with energy & attention AS IF to dump out my own shit & feel better. I'm curious to open perspectives that deepen and connect me -regardless the oppositions or resistances that arise in me or reflect back to me from being unsettled in my habits of thought & identity.

So while this post is a ramble - i invite allowing the whole world to be a psyop - and get over it.

That there is another way to see is not waiting first on our terms and conditions, but deferred and delayed and diverted or dissociated from by our terms and conditions.

I got a strong sense of Firstenberger running Rockefeller groundbait - not unlike Rachael Carson.

I don't want his framing insinuations by which to set us in fear. Or anyone else's.

Resonant energetic information is already shared, where shall I tune in?

If i let it, a natural alignment restores and renews, guides and supports. If I try to make it fit my T&Cs I generate a world of conflicts that does reliably feed back if I read at the heart instead for from a hurt.

Noise or signal - is according to what we value, give focus to, engage with, give meaning to & take meaning from.

Transparency to joy is aligning whole, now and now.

Everyone I meet is also part of my Self (often masked by judgements that are mine to own and thus also to change or release).

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Dec 15, 2023·edited Dec 15, 2023

Wow, you are RED HOT today. Agree with all your calls. Ray Horvat bothers me, strikes me as a relentless blackpill merchant and, since he doesn't take religion (by which I really mean old school traditional Catholicism) with due seriousness he's a despair-monger. Since he will read this, I'll be interested to see what follows.

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Yep- Sage Hanna- who has been doing the slo-roll and milking it- ( and vociferously attacking ‘NAV’s)

and yes Sabrina ( took me a minute)

You know- the names are sometimes quite telling- Tod Calendar, Bury Young - wondering what you think about ‘ a man- jabby’ who recently appeared with World War Zeee... https://www.bitchute.com/video/SG4fSlQP8UEV/

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This reminds me of anatomical research (which is exquisitely difficult and few really understand). This is key: A PRIORI conceptualisation of anatomical architecture defines its structural and its functional interpretation. In the absence of this knowledge one cannot know the anatomical 'meaning' of what one is studying. It's akin to studying a map and not knowing where one actually is to start with.

The process of deep study and cross-corroboration by other means (gross dissection, micro-dissection, histology, plastination etc..) gradually develops a detailed understanding of what one is observing, and from this process eventually a conceptualisation of the anatomical architecture one does not understand materialises.

The intellectual crystallisation of the reality of the architecture then informs about its function. What is incontestably certain is that what most people think of as established anatomy (or anything else for that matter) may not be an accurate representation, and consequently, neither are its purported functional attributes that are so often also 'fitted' to a pre-existing structural narrative, which may be ill-conceived or indeed just plain fictitious.

One doesn't know what what doesn't know. The incremental acquisition and understanding born of intellectual (and spiritual) effort (and insight) is absolutely no easy or trivial matter. Perhaps this may be why so many remain blind, prefer to remain blind, or could care less. The work is very, very difficult, while perceiving all the twists turns toward 'actualisation' is probably a devolved task for accumulated experience and wisdom?

Thank you for your incredibly valuable contribution.

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All exits of the Matrix are the Matrix.

The question is "what does the matrix want"?

well, find an exit I assume....

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