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They always Attack back when cornered. Mr. Reese, should just answer the question directly. Didn't SPARTACUS (on Substack) do a piece on this? Classic DARVO - (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Oppressor).

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There is absolutely no excuse for Reese's attitude. He might as well go jump in bed with Malone.

Great work PM, give them hell.

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My stance is to appeal to people that I want to be logical, polite and learn from each other. That usually works but there are difficult people. Here on line I will either just tow the line to be polite and point out they are not and say thats the end of the discussion rope. If it's my SS I can delete or ban the person and unfortunately I have a few times but dont like to do that. If I'ts not my SS I can still delete the comments I made and that that makes the aggressor look like they are punching in the wind, so they can look stupid or delete their own comments. Either way forcing politeness always wins in the court of public opinion! Somewhere you can see Broze, Yeadon, Latypov, Reece and some others start cursing me out though I only pushed polite logic on them. These people have a strategy to make you bark back to try and make you look bad-DONT fall for that bait ever!

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Love the way you maintain perfect civility, PM, and how you, Mia and dpl have focused your laser beam so that all GR can do is squirm.

Just to say that the PNAC document - like all the best propaganda - is genuine in a certain way but also functions as propaganda - like the showcased destruction of WTC-7 which - no-brainer-like - is so obviously a controlled demolition but which functions as a Trojan Horse to distract from the much more revealing faked planes (faked passenger deaths leading to questioning all the deaths supposedly effected by controlled demolition crews) and ludicrous failure of defence.

From my post on Operation Northwoods:


"'Operation Northwoods' was released three years before 9/11 while the equally infamous document, Rebuilding America's Defenses, by think tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was published in September 2000.

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Both Operation Northwoods and the PNAC document were planted in the 9/11 “disbeliever propaganda playground”. However, when we blow away the magic propaganda dust what we have are three big psyops:

Pearl Harbour - evacuated bombing ...

Operation Northwoods - fabricated false-flag proposal ...

9/11 - evacuated bombing ..."

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"Blue Pill: click-out of this post and go to Children’s Health Defense." 🤣😂

This was a fun one. We must do it more often Proton Magic.

Also, Mia is a beast 💪💪

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He works for the king of controlled opposition. AJ

Intent and heart in correct place.

Duality, so misunderstood and these dupes are clueless how this mkultra programming is in their psyche

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Thank you for expressing what I've been thinking about it.

Diversions and trench warfare are strategies that waste people's time and energy until they have none left about the real threats. Well, I can't see they can do much, except for prepare.

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Let’s face it… Reese has been shilling for years being the side mouth piece for one of the biggest assets of division for years, A. Jones the actor. His theatrical productions make him appear to be an official truth teller, but I’ve always noticed he never does a deep dive into the truth and sounds like an alarmist more than a genuine truther. Thanks for exposing the truth, PM and for all the news you report on, which helps us see the light!

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Interesting exchange. The League of Nations and the idea of "viruses" occupy about the same space.

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Another good piece, little Proton! Never liked Reese much...

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Tough crowd! Great!

Defund to send a wake the Fuk up.

Words matter...

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The Gonzalo Lira death psyop was so embarrassing. He comes out before he's supposedly about to die only to announce to the world that his words in the video might be his final words. Pure comedy.

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None of us know the entire truth, nor will we ever know the entire truth about anything having to do with the government and the insiders! Everything is mere speculation! So, there is no use in fighting! If people had to report anything with 100% certainty, they wouldn't be able to report anything!

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I can hear the urgent frequencies in the theme music introducing Reese’s pieces -

( Gonzalo Lira is a cousin to the author of “the Good Citizen”....btw, fwiw- maybe a ‘euro’ or two, enough for a Koficcino...?)

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It's a parasite alright, just not a physical one.

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Good stuff, PM.

Re: "Reese calls Proton Magic a “radical” for asking for a scientific paper proving Sars. What page in the propaganda book is that in?"

Answer: It's probably on some page here in the 2010 Rockafeller Lockstep Report (follow along) as they go on rolling out their Operation Psyops (one after another) that are all, hey, just "excercises."

Read here: 2010 Rockefeller Report > Scenarios For The Future Of Technology And International Development -- Rockefeller Foundation - : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive - [Agenda 21/2030 is the New World Order]


(See esp the Report's "The Scenario Narratives" - pages 17-42 - w/all the outlined steps to the NWO.)

We know this: Their plausible deniability is no longer a useful excuse, or plausible. Never was but especially after a few centuries of North American et al. genocide/colonization, selected Presidents, mafia connections, planned foreign coups, govt fraud/taxpayer fleecing & all the other modus operandi of the evil govts /globalists' criminal methodology. We know this for sure: It's only the gullible, blinded, blinkered &/or bamboozled going along w/the PTB's crooked globalization game.

tweet: Julia @Jules31415


Alex Jones: “My most accurate prediction, going back over a decade, was when I read the Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockstep and they describe using a virus to bring in world government, to bring in a world medical ID, that they would then build a social credit score off of and that they would make people wear masks for fear, that they would shut down sporting events and things like that and they would basically phase in this new tyranny…I was going off their own battle plans.”

7:43 PM · Dec 7, 2023

Paraphrased for 2024:

Pray for the dead [C19 slaughtered children/families], & fight like hell for the living.-

Mary "Mother" Jones - labor organizer

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