The bowtie club...

This is another 'little one', Dr. Hotez, that deserves a bit more attention than he has received, along with this Dr. Wu.

Thanks for your time!

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a synopsis of A Virus like no other by the Perth Group https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/the-importance-of-intellectual-freedom


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I cannot believe I missed this golden post at the time! Never mind, better late than never.

I have added a link to it to my December 2020 UK MHRA email exchange post which confirms that they were aware of precisely the meaning of 'in silico' and approved the Pfizer vaccines for UK arms without a care in the world for what they were doing. It was horrific. I was slung off Twitter for daring to post about it.....


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Brilliant and funny too---too bad only a handful of us fruitloops can bend our brains enough to overide all of the lies we've been fed our whole lives.

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Nice job PM :)

Fyi, Eric Coppolino discovered some extra hanky-panky around this so-called "genome":


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Brilliant take down!! Do you happen to know the next 3 fraudulent papers to be published following the Fan Wu BS and if anyone has done a take down of them? Nice work Proton !!

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Many thanks PM. I hadn't seen this but came via you post to Mike Yeadon. I don't know if I need say more than I am with you on this but here are my 2 posts on the Wuhan fraud for what it's worth.



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Let's hear for the original, the one, the only Dr Fan Wu


Turned out nice again...

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So happy I finally found Proton. I've been no virus/fairy tales from day one.

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Please comment on "The virus exists" in http://bit.ly/research2000

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For the record though, can i just direct you to the reply to Ray i made where he says i instigated hostility...... i feel i was polite; I pride myself on being polite;


That reads as terribly arrogant Ray; (nowhere did i say he was (is) arrogant, only that the writing appears that way)

"The first to solve the problem of Free Will" Really?

Well i will use my Free Will to deny that observation of yours as being nowhere near factual; (is this not a discussion on Free Will?)

"I think therefor i am" is not always a true statement Ray;

There are many (very to the present) "people" whom i could name as "I think therefor i am" types instilling their version of Free Will onto us but that will break the rules of engagement and start another topic;

I will leave this reply with this little gem that i carry with me at all times;

"It is only a truly Arrogant man who professes to have nothing more to learn";

As far as i am concerned, "Experts" and "Professors" fall into this category.........


I appreciate your perception of how my reply reads;

"Fair and free exchange of info, politely, is the name of the game here"

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G'day Proton,

mate, i am truly sorry for writing you here but you wouldn't recognise me from an email sent;

The reason i write is that my name is being attacked for the crime of questioning one "Ray Horvath" Substack) on his theories "I have solve the problem of Free Will;

Seems i had no Free Will to enter into a debate using my own Free Will;

You have witnessed me online on various stacks and i would hope that you know that i am a genuine, indeed real Living Man;

I seek your understanding as i respect what you have written regarding Kirsch and others among us; I feel we are of the same ilk;

It has come to my attention that "Ray" has warned you about me having ulterior motives, that i am an agent (or 3 !) of some sort;

I don't know what do about his continued attacks on me and my good name on his Stack as i am banned from even defending myself there now so i guess i am here just reaching out to you as someone i have "known" online for a few years now;

Mate, all i ask is for you to read between the lines on his site;


Mark Hills

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One of Proton's fans sent me this.

It's excellent!!! I'm laughing my ass off and I've just started!

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Don't try to understand it would be my tip Proton; Rather, just read what is stated and avoid reading between the lines;

Sometimes, a man says what he means and means what he says; Yeah i know; not very often in this day and age but there are still individuals in this world who think that honesty is the best (and only) policy, regardless of who it may offend;

Look at it this way if you will; If you (someone) don't (doesn't) want to be scrutinised or questioned for statements that you make, then don't make the statements, especially if you claim to have solved the problem of Free Will and then shut down any Free Will;

Someone such as yourself does not make claims to be the end all of be all; You back up what you say with evidence you have gathered; There is a huge difference between a Thesis and statements made backed by evidence;

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Here is what was stated by Ray to begin the discussion;


Why is Free Will important?

One of the most prolific and efficient commenters, Mark contributed the following after my previous article,


The interpretations of the “bible” are what have kept mankind at war with one another for eons; while paradoxically they all scream “our way is peace” from over the fence;

Religion is the root of most evil in my humble opinion; Religion is the biggest business in the world; Religion is where false idols are created and worshiped; Religion[s] are naught but legitimate cults that feed on the sorrow and guilt of the helpless;

In God there is spirit; In us there is God; this is not Religion; this is belief in “something” greater than all of us


His thoughts inspired me to write the following, because the problem he addresses seem to be quite universal in today’s American culture and quite debilitating for many people who have been confused by mass manipulation and lost the ability to think clearly and fearlessly.


"quite debilitating for many people who have been confused by mass manipulation and lost the ability to think clearly and fearlessly".

Then a man gets ridiculed, defamed and banned for not being "debilitated"

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Fair and Valid points......i ask not for you take sides if my communication came across that way;

Yeah, i guess some (a lot) people are too thin skinned to be hit in the face with anothers forthright opinion;

I does not bother one bit that Ray has banned me....He has shown his true colours;

I just want YOU to know that i am not a "Bot";

It is only this morning that i have discovered what "Bot" means......I assumed it was a name for some type of algorithmic automated response thing.....

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